Belami Jason Clark and Julien Hussey

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Belami Jason Clark and Julien Hussey

Belami Online says: Julien Hussey is known as one of Belami’s best bottoms, and today he is teamed up with newbie Jason Clark, who up to now has only got a Belami blowjob under his belt. Julien has kindly offered up his cute ass hole for Jason’s pleasure, by way of offering the new guy some experience fucking. Jason, looking super studious and sexy in glasses, says his favorite position is doggie-style which by chance is also Julien’s favorite. Jason looks a little nervous for his first fuck scene and Julien teases him ‘Just don’t fret, relax’ giving him a friendly punch on the face. The chemistry between these two hotties is electric, even before they have stripped off their clothes. As you know Julien is famous for his kisses, and Jason just loves to kiss too. When asked does Julien have new things to teach you?, Jason smiles and says ‘for sure!’.



Julien starts kissing Jason while keeping his eyes closed, very sexy. He lifts Jason’s t-shirt and covers his abs with a smattering of long sloppy kisses, then moving his attention up to Jason’s nipples and chest. Julien loves to kiss that is clear already. As Jason lifts his t-shirt over his head, Julien is busy slipping his shorts over his knees so he can get to work on Jason’s floppy soft cock. Julien loosens the belt on his jeans but leaves them on just now, preferring to attend to Jason’s softness with all his energy. He moves down to Jason’s crotch and sucks in his soft dick, which is slowly responding to Julien’s expert tongue work. A wry smile breaks out over Jason’s face as his cock shoots up firm and erect. As he throws his head back, he seems to visibly relax into Julien’s expert blowjob. Julien is now sucking on his hard dick with all his force, Jason moans incessantly at the pleasure wrought by Julien’s mouth.


As Julien bends over sucking that cock his muscular shoulders and arms are in full view. Julien is sure a sexy young stud. Then off come the glasses, and Jason starts to suck Julien, as Julien pumps his hard dick in and out of Jason’s mouth. As he sucks away his eyes never leave Julien’s face. Then Jason ushers Julien onto his back on the couch, his legs splayed in the air and his pink boyhole exposed.


Jason kneels down between his legs and rims Julien’s hot asshole, getting his tongue deep within the smooth ass crack. Globules of Jason’s spit drip down from Julien’s tight pink hole as he licks and teases him with his tongue. Julien then turns around and braces himself ‘doggie style’ on the couch, as Jason slips his erect cock slowly into his willing butt hole.


Slowly he slides his firm member in and out of Julien’s hot ass hole. Julien breathing heavily all the time. The boys change position a number of times, Julien on his back, his legs over Jason’s shoulders with Jason pumping away hard until Julien spurts a full creamy load in a torrent of moans from both young guys.


Then Jason pulls out his cock and Julien takes it in his mouth. Soon Jason reaches orgasm spraying  Julien’s open mouth with his boy cum. Julien sucks Jason’s cock clean with cum ending up all over his upper lip.  Jason reaches down for a towel to clean up his mess all over Jason’s neck and lips. A very horny Belami suck and fuck scene.



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