Basketball player Austin gets a good oil rub down

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Southern Strokes says: We took advantage of Austin’s last visit to the Ranch and treated him to a session with the Ranch Hands after he put in a hard day of fucking. Every time I find myself driving by a crowded neighborhood basketball court, I expect to see Austin taking it to the hoop.


Austin has tall lean basketball player’s build with this gorgeous southern boy next door type face that just makes your loins tingle. If you ran into Austin on the street, you certainly would picture him lying naked on a table while letting a pair of hands explore his body.

We give you a good long look at our naked Austin first starting with him on his stomach as we lube up his entire body while our hands work their magic. Austin does his best to not make a sound but he isn’t able to avoid his moans of pleasure.


Once our hands were nice and warmed up, they slowly started teasing Austin’s semi-hard cock until his was completely standing at attention. After working his lubed cock for a spell, our hands gently explored Austin’s hot ass hole as he continued to milk this baller of his seed. Get this video at Southern Strokes!





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