Young South African stud Greg Hill stripped bare as he jerks his big uncut dick with Joel Jenkins helping him out

English Lads says: Greg Hill is a young man born in South Africa and has lived in London for the last few years, he loves showing off his body and today strips to his boxers and enjoys a nice relaxing massage by cheeky pup Joel Jenkins.

Joel gives Greg a good massage on his back, shoulders, quads, neck and legs, then pulls of Greg’s boxers and drops some oil on his cock and is soon massaging Greg’s swelling cock.

The lads have a lot of fun and are soon wanking off each other.

Greg engages and enjoys the shoot, each of the lads wanking each other and before you know it Greg is lying back with cum on his abs.

Well done Greg, we didn’t think Joel was going to get naked in this shoot.



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