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Mike De Marko and Jake Wilder

Mike’s ass gets a dildo double anal penetration! Men.com says: While moving in new room mate Jake Wilder, Mike De Marko discovers a suitcase full of Jake’s outrageous sex toys. Seconds later the guys are naked and doing everything they…

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Jake Wilder and Tom Faulk

Team USA Jake gets fucked hard and deep by Tom and Travis ! Men.com says: Three studs from hockey’s Team USA get naked in a hotel room. Jake Wilder gets fucked hard and deep by Tom Faulk and Travis James.…

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Tom Faulk and Jake Wilder

Tom fucks Jake’s tight muscled ass hole! Men.com says: When a shirtless hunk like Jake Wilder shows up at the back window rubbing his already rock hard dick inappropriately, what would you do? You’d go after him and fuck him!…

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