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Belami says: This is the 4th scene we have published with Jesse Tobey, and although Marty tells Tim Campbell that it is his opportunity to ‘coach’ a newbie, Jesse at this stage is certainly no newbie. Both boys turn in sterling performances here and seem so eager that it looks like they didn’t want the scene to end. Read the full story here

Marco Bill and Claude Sorel

belami 2  Marco Bill and Claude Sorel

Belami says: Claude Sorel gives Marco Bill a blowjob under the table then Claude gets his tight boy ass hard bareback fucked with Marco’s huge twink dick. Read the full story here

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Belami says: After a very popular casting a while back, we are happy for the return of Jean LaBete in this photo session. Jean is a bit more muscular than most of our newcomers, but he still has a softness to him that renders his body very pleasing. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Athletic model Derek Raser has a perfect body so he naturally engages in some healthy self body worship from time to time. As he catches a glimpse in the mirror he can’t stop staring at himself while Adam Archuleta and Johnny Bloom are in the bedroom about to get it on. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Belami’s two hottest muscle boys Arne Coen and Tim Campbell exploring each others’ bodies and bareback raw ass fucking. Hot Hot Hotter! Read the full story here

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Belami says: There is something a little bit different about Ariel Vanean in this scene, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, September this year marks a very special anniversary for Ariel as well. It will be 10 years since he walked into our studio for his casting. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Marcel Gassion is in the kitchen cooking up a storm when hungry Roald Ekberg joins him. They share a banana before moving to the bedroom to feast on each others uncut huge twink dicks. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Sexy hunk and power bottom boy Marcel Gassion once stepped in to take the place of Dario Dolce and ended up getting fucked by three different guys in a huge uncut dick orgy. Read the full story here

Alex Orioli and Euan O’Neill


Belami says: We have gathered that you all liked Euan O’Neill just a bit, just in case you were the ones who liked him from his photo set we filmed a couple of things with him. Here is he bareback fucking with Alex Orioli. Read the full story here

Nils Tatum bottoms for sexy ripped top Hoyt Kogan

Belami says: It took a lot to decide which of Nils Tatum’s scenes we would bring you today as his premiere on BelamiOnline. In the end, we opted for this one where he is bottoming for Hoyt Kogan. This was the first production that Nils was on and we knew it would be quite an ask for him joining in on a major shoot right at the start of his time with BelAmi, but we think he did rather well for a newcomer. You have seen him in backstage footage here also with Jamie, but you will have to wait a little while for that scene. By now I think that most of you will be just as familiar with Catello Kinky Angelo as we are and after a bit of watersports in the introduction, we retire to our much-loved barn for the main action. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Two of our Freshmen stars are over here today to show us all what they’ve got. Torsten Ullman is the more experienced of the pair and he is determined to use all of that experience to show Raphael Nyon the best time possible. Raphael has one of the lean and fit bodies around and it is a joy to watch these 2 together. It is the exotically beautiful Torsten who is the top in today’s update. Read the full story here

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Belami says: There are some unexplained things in this world that we just have to accept as miracles. Among these would have to be that there is always a bed available for our boys whenever and where ever they want to make love. It always has been, and always will be. Read the full story here

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Belami says: “Two is company, three is crowd” or so it is said, but if like Arne Coen you find yourself being the middle man in a 3-way with Kris Evans and Johnny Bloom, and have the chance to sit on Kris’ hard cock while taking another in your mouth, then 3 is the magical number. Read the full story here

Milan Sharpe and Marco Bill


Belami says: Newbie Belami Online star Milan Sharpe has taken a break from Staxus to takes on Marco Bill and Scott Reeves in the first part of this double episode. Milan appears to be quite the talented bottom with two of Belami’s more energetic tops. Since they both fuck him in turns in the first part we just have to wonder how part 2 is going to turn out. Read the full story here

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Belami says: We kick off our Helmut Huxley special with his scene with Jarrod Lanvin. This is not the first time Jarrod has had sex with a guy, or even the first time he has had sex with Helmut, but it is his first sex in front of the camera. Read the full story here

Jim Kerouac and Dylan Maguire

belami 2  Jim Kerouac and Dylan Maguire

Belami says: George selected for him Dylan Magurie and Jim Kerouac, which turns out to be quite a good combination, and they are filming together in our Budapest studio. Read the full story here

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Belami says: We’re going all Hungarian on you again today with our feature scene with Florian Nemec and Arne Coen. There always seem to be this special chemistry between our Magyar boys and it shows here in this scene with an intensity that is evident right from the beginning. Read the full story here

Adam Archuleta and Rocco Alfieri

belami 2  Adam Archuleta and Rocco Alfieri

Belami says: Adam Archuleta & Rocco Alfieri fuck the whole night long. An evening of romance, passion, raw bare cock and huge amounts of hot boy cum. Read the full story here

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Belami says: This is the first of Belami’s hardcore updates that form part of our ‘Loving Kris’ special. It was filmed over 2 days, so on day one we have the oral part and on day 2 the fucking. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Our two blondes, Zac Dehaan and Christian Lundgren, have been on the set for a couple of days by this time and somehow managed to miss out on the action, so they decide to take things into their own hand. Read the full story here

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Belami says: We have quite the stable of models at the moment who really love bottoming, but as most of our Hungarians prefer to top, Nino Valens is an exceptional exception and has to rank on anyone’s list of top bottoms. Read the full story here

Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol


Belami says: Today on BelAmiOnline marks the beginning of their special summer event which will preview the new online production, An American In Prague 2 featuring Kevin Warhol and Mick Lovell. These images were taken from the film’s first three scenes. Read the full story here

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Belami says: It is a bit unusual for us to schedule a night scene here on a weekend, but this one is something special. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Hoyt Kogan kneels down on the sofa his hard erect uncut cock already in the mouth of sexy young man Kris Evans. Kris takes Hoyt’s big cock deep to the back of his willing young throat. Read the full story here

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Belami says: Normally we associate both Rhys Jagger and Jean-Luc Bisset as being two of our more romantic lovers, but today there is something a little wild about Jean-Luc and his hunger for sex with Rhys. While it my seem like a bit of an act here, it is actually Rhys’ job to look after all the boys, so his job description of ‘HR Manager’ is quite accurate. Read the full story here