Scott Jenkins

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Scott Jenkins

Paragon Men says: Where do we begin? Scott Jenkins is a great guy, easy to work with and he’s into golf, camping, and horse-riding. But you’re not clicking on this deadly gorgeous gallery god for his captivating personality.


Tall dark and breathtakingly handsome Scott lost his virginity on a waterbed, in his parent’s home. If they heard the motion of that sizeable ocean, they haven’t said a thing.


Back on dry land, Scott’s former partner once brought home a toilet seat on wooden legs for him to sit down and get his ass and balls eaten out at once. Now that is what we call a motivated self-starter.


Imagine Scott slide off those skimpy swimmers, delicious underside descending as he’s ordered in for eating out, hole to pole. As a nutritionist and bodybuilder, Scott takes care what he eats, minus the odd ice cream cheat.


He’s a public speaker on weight management, personal care and, frankly, he could be tell us Cheetos are an excellent source of protein. What? Where were we? After you’ve ogled his gallery goods.Why not get him from all sides? Our cameras did.





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