Conner Chesney Fucks Clayton Archer at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony says: Clayton and Conner get some good chatting in, learning about what they each like to do. It happens to be that they share an interest in motorcycles. The boys get up and decide to get measurements of their bodies and compare with each other. Conner grabs Clayton’s chest and notices he is pretty tensed up from his workout. Conner offers him up a massage to help relieve some of his tension and Clayton happily accepts. Clayton gets worked up pretty fast and tells Conner he wants something else massaged.

Clayton gets up and immediately pulls down his pants. Conner kisses him and then kisses down his neck, chest, and abs, all the way down to Clayton’s hardened erection. Conner bobs up and down and sucks on Clayon’s ball sack. Now Clayton wants a taste of his buds. Conner stands up and whips out his perky pink cock. Clayon gets to work and swallows his shaft while he juggles his balls in his hand. Conner rubs his hand down Clayton’s back and starts tracing around his tight hole. After all the anal teasing is done, he is ready for a taste of the real thing. He leads Clayton over to the bed and bends him over, jamming his penis head deep into Clayton’s man cave.

Conner grunts with each hard thrust causing Clayton to moan out. Conner then pulls off his remaining clothes and tosses Clayton onto his back on the bed. He lifts up his leg and jumps right back into Clayton. Conner pounds and slaps on Claytons hairy bubble ass. Clayton rubs his hand against Conner’s pecs and pinches on his pink nipples. Clayton starts jerking his cock as Conner continues to fuck him deep and hard. With a few load moans, Clayton’s dick tip shoots out a thick glob of cum followed by several more spurts of man juice.

Conner fucks Clayon; giving it everything he has and almost instantly gets to his climax. He pulls out and jumps on top of Clayton, shooting his load across Clayton’s face, mouth, and even on the other side of Clayton’s head. There is nothing better than a massage with a happy ending. Get this video at Dirty Tony!


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