22 years old hot naked black Latino stud jerks his huge dick

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Island Studs says: Horny Gilbert, a cute smooth Latin boy from Mexico City with a thick uncut beer can dick and a full bush of black Mexican dick hair, enjoys showing off his thick brown body and impressive loads of thick creamy cum.

At 22 years old, 6′ & 185 lbs, this hot, brown Latin stud can be found working as a valet and porter in a popular Honolulu Resort. Yes! This young Mexican lad will park your car and bring your luggage up to your room in Hawaii.

Imagine this sexy naked hotel bell boy at your service in the nude. This straight boy was raised in San Diego, and came to Hawaii for the sun and the girls.

Listen to Gilbert describe the types of women he likes with a performance for Mexican Guerras: blonde females with big tits.

Horny Gilbert strips off his street clothes revealing a smooth brown, hairless torso, with bushy, black armpit hair and thick, dark Mexican dick hair covering his crotch and big brown, boy balls.

Soft spoken and polite, Gilbert has a Mexican Man body and thick, smooth thighs from years of sports and heavy labor. He is friendly, humble and not opposed to working hard.

He admits to being both nervous and excited about being photographed for the first time. Watch as Gilbert’s dick grows from soft to hard as he plays with his ample foreskin while standing in the tropical garden jerking his Mexican Meat.

This straight stud really enjoys showing off his uncut cock and all the ways his foreskin slides over his big dick head. Feast your eyes his big juicy, Mexican ass when Gilbert grabs a rake and a bucket and begins to work fully naked raking the leaves on the grassy lawn.

This sexy Latin Twink is a real Mexican house boy fantasy. I then ask him to sweep the deck around the swimming pool with a broom.

Horny Gilbert parades around the pool with a full erection as he does his nudist work in the sun. Check out the big, beautiful foreskin covering his uncut brown dick as he works naked.

The camera moves down on Gilbert’s thick ankles and thighs and up to his big ball sack and thick, Mexican cock for all to see. Look at his full bush of uncut, black dick hair covering his uncut cock and big hairy balls.

Horny Gilbert is one hot Mexican tamale, working naked in Hawaii. This video contains many unscripted natural moments of Gilbert talking to the camera about his life in Mexico and his love for the islands and the women here.

After his nudist garden work Gilbert turns his thick uncut Mexican cock to the camera and takes a long piss onto the green grass like a fire hose releasing pressure.

Look at all the bright, yellow pee that streams out of his thick, brown foreskin. After his piss scene Horny Gilbert sits down in a lawn chair in the garden for a long jerk off session.

Watch this Mexican bell boy, moan and manhandle his big, hairy ball sack as he strokes his thick foreskin over his brown throbbing cock.

Gilbert moans and moans as a plays with his thick, uncut dick. This young twink even plays with his thick, bush of black, dick hair as he strokes his Mexican meat.

He really enjoys manhandling both his fat cock and big, Mexican ball sack at the same time. Listen to Gilbert’s breathing increase stroking his throbber as he prepares to cum.

I ask him to flex his arm muscles with his dick, fully hard. What a cute happy Latin boy. Gilbert delivers a huge load of jizz! Watch as fountains of sweet, white, Mexican cum pump out of his throbbing cock.

Cum drips all over his thick brown hands and hairy ball sack. Lots of cum continues to drip from his hard dick after he shoots.

“Do you always cum that much,” I ask, as he looks down at his cum covered body. “Yes,” he states with a big, Latino smile, “I am known for cumming a lot.”

Look at all the gobs of cum that drip off his red hot uncut cock and ball sack onto the green grass between his legs as he rests in the chair.

In a very sexy shower scene, happy hotel worker Gilbert lathers up his full bush of Mexican dick hair and hairy armpits with soap.

There is something so sexy about watching a brown Mexican boy soap up his golden body with creamy, white soap. The contrast of white soap and brown skin is so sexy.

Watch as soapy water drips down his back and through his big smooth Mexican boy butt as he shampoos his hair. His brown ass crack is filled with white suds.

We are so pleased horny Gilbert moved to Hawaii and agreed to jerk off for us.



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